We live in a world of change, whether that be the increase in digitalisation and technology, or the shift in attitude to our climate and what is considered natural. One area of focus which is increasingly prominent is the move to plant-based living, embracing vegetarian and vegan diets, and exchanging harmful chemical products for more natural plant-based cosmetics and homecare products.

As an established brand operating in the plant-based cosmetics field, in this article we consider the benefits of cosmetics derived from plants and look at why they are becoming so popular with 21st century consumers.

What Are Plant-based Cosmetics?

If you picked up a regular bottle of shampoo from the shelf at your local beauty store, would you know exactly what every ingredient in that product was designed to do? The likelihood is that not only would you have no idea what those ingredients do, you probably wouldn’t even be able to pronounce some of them.

At the end of the day, the cosmetic and beauty industry is propped up by synthetic products which do their job – but aren’t supporting the natural health or quality of your hair and skin. That’s where plant-based cosmetics come in. With more consumers than ever before reaching for products with natural ingredients which don’t just smell great, but are proven to support the natural health of your features.

Plant-based cosmetics are exactly as they sound – products made by ingredients derived from plants. Imagine for a moment the number of vitamins and nutrient tablets out there on the market right now, that support a healthy lifestyle and are designed to leave you with healthy skin, hair, and overall health. Now imagine if we told you that you could get all of those vitamins and nutrients – and more besides – completely naturally through the products you use. Wouldn’t the natural source be the better option?

Well, that’s exactly what plant-based cosmetics do; providing you with all the goodness of plants, including the essential vitamins and minerals you need, in the very products you use.

The Benefits Of Using Plant-based Cosmetics

Just as you would expect, the benefits of using plant-based haircare and skincare products are endless – not least because they are made naturally and so support the climate and environment around us.

Clarins, one of the most internationally recognisable cosmetic brands on the planet, is a strong advocate of plant-based cosmetics, stating that “Plant-based skincare products can deliver amazing results, thanks in part to the fact that their active ingredients are found in nature[1]”. The brand goes on to share some of the major ingredients that they use in their most natural form, highlighting the fact that plant-based products are not only kind to skin but also help to keep your skin hydrated and allow it to breathe – both areas of concern that we as consumers are constantly looking to fulfil through supplements and cleaning regimes.

And that’s not all.

Plant-based haircare products in particular are packed full of natural oils which stimulate the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth, all while maintaining moisture and giving hair that luscious shine so many of us pay hundreds of pounds in treatments to achieve.

As for those vitamins in your plant-based skincare? Well, they really can keep you looking young – with a selection of vitamins and antioxidants restoring strength to our skin cells, supporting cell repair, and decreasing the signs of aging.

Other benefits include:

·       Plant-derived fats and acids help to calm acne, fight skin dryness, smooth scars, and increase skin elasticity to tackle wrinkles and other signs of aging.

·       Natural lipids found in plant-based cosmetics help support the skin’s natural barrier against lifestyle choices – repairing, smoothing, and protecting skin, and keeping it hydrated.

·       Plant-based cosmetics are super effective as our body is able to process them easily – unlike some synthetic ingredients

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Other Reasons Why Plant-based Cosmetics Are So Important

This wouldn’t be a well-rounded article if we didn’t talk about the environmental impact of the cosmetics industry and the benefits of choosing plant-based products over those rife with synthetic chemicals.

Plant-based cosmetics, cleaning products, and other personal care products are made from biodegradable materials which flow cleanly through our water systems. You may be aware of the war on plastic microbeads that hit the headlines a few years ago, where it was found that cosmetics containing these microbeads were being flushed away and entering our food chain as tiny plastic elements. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with many of the chemicals found in standard cosmetics causing harm to our environment and, in turn, to us, as those harmful chemicals run back into our food chain.

Another reason why plant-based haircare and skincare products are so popular with 21st century buyers, is that you have become more aware than ever before of the ingredients which can be harmful to your hair and skin. This awareness has created a massive shift that has caused huge companies to change their mode of operation because you, the buyer, has that power. You have chosen to step away from a narrative and step into your power, your power of choice, which is why we exist.

How You Can Start Benefiting From Plant-based Cosmetics Right Away!

Making small lifestyle changes is one of the easiest ways of creating a more natural and environmentally friendly presence, and your cosmetic choices are a great place to start. 

As well as the host of environmental benefits, plant-based cosmetics provide your skin and hair with the most natural defences against damage and signs of aging, replenishing vitamins and nutrients through a series of ingredients which you can pronounce.

Next time you’re in the market for some new haircare products, try out our hair consultancy service – or you can check out our range of all-natural products for hair and skin in our Online Shop.

Let us know your thoughts on the new plant based cosmetic products that are becoming increasingly available to serve the need for change, have you tried any? Comment below or connect with us on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you.

Until next time,

Be Great x


[1] Important Reasons for Plant-Based Skin Care – Clarins (clarinsusa.com)

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