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You’ve used the product, you’ve seen first hand how well it’s worked for you, now is a great time to share it with your friends and earn cash when they buy! 

I believe in building a strong community and giving back to our community. There’s no better recommendation than the one coming from a friend or loved one.

I have purchased many amazing products that my friends have told me about because I trust their opinion. You can be that friend. 

This is why I decided to reward you (you fabulous friend!) for every person you share our products with and they become a customer and part of our community.

How It Works

♦ You get £6 for every person you refer, who spend £25 or more.

♦ Rewards are paid once per month, on the condition that the items are not returned.  

♦ I want to make it simple, so at checkout, all the buyer has to do is leave a note letting me know they were referred and include your name and email address in the notes box. I will do the rest.

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How We Pay


Rewards are paid on the 15th of every month. 

Your payment can be made by:

♦ Cash to your Paypal account;

♦ You could choose to have a discount of the same value off your next purchase; 

♦ You can donate your reward to a charity of your choice. 

You let me know how you want to be paid when I contact you and I will do the rest.


  1. How many times can I refer?

You can refer as many people as you like but you can only refer the same person once. I’m trying to build a community of fantastic people and therefore happy to pay you for introducing all your incredible friends and family. 


  1. Is there an end date?

There is no end date. There may be changes to the way the referral scheme works in the future, however, I will always be transparent with any new change. 


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