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As a woman of African descent with Natural Afro Curly hair, I found it extremely difficult to find products that cared for my hair and skin without undesirable synthetic chemicals. I always had to compromise somewhere, even with natural brands. I became a mom and it was apparent that I needed to do something different in order to care for my child’s delicate skin and even more delicate hair and scalp. What was being offered on the market simply wasn’t going to do, so I started making my own products, that was over 10 years ago.

In 2018 whilst on a visit to my mom I ran out of hair products. Worst nightmare! I had an incredibly difficult time trying to find alternatives. My hair got so dry I wanted to cut it all off. That was the turning point for me and the pivotal moment I decided to fill this gap – offering effective haircare products based on plants. From my own need, I realised others may have the same issues as me, so I decided to answer that call. I took my formulating from DIY to trained Cosmetic Formulator and now I present to you, Holpura.


Holpura was created to offer you an alternative to synthetic cosmetics. We formulate artisan haircare and skincare products that are Natural, Plantbased and Organic.

Our artisan products are handmade in our lab, created in small batches which guarantees they are fresh on arrival to you. 

The aim of Holpura is to be open and honest about what we put in our products and to offer you the best service you’ve ever experience. Every product we offer was first tested on our family and friends (we love them so much), because we want to know how they work on people, for people. 

We use only the most premium ingredients, which are sourced from reputable companies and manufacturers who are certified Vegan, Soil Association certified, actively against animal testing and animal cruelty, as well as actively supporting sustainability.


Holistic Pure Plant-based

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Absolutely zero animal testing.


Our products are filled with all natural and vegan goodness.


Eco Friendly

We care for the environment and our products & packaging reflect this.


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