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Does your natural hair feel like it’s stagnant? Has it been challenging to figure out what to do with it to help it grow and thrive?Do you have scalp issues and don’t know what to do? 

Let’s talk.  Book a Natural Hair Consultation with our haircare expert now, who will work with you to get your hair long, healthy and strong. 

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Full Details

Book an appointment with our Founder and natural haircare expert, to discover the potentials for your healthy hair growth. We offer two packages to help guide you with your natural hair journey, a 20-minutes Hair Consultation and a Bespoke Haircare Regimen Building Consultation  – a 1 Hour video call where we build a hair regimen tailored to your hair and lifestyle.

For many of us, caring for our Natural Afro Curly Hair can feel like a chore.  Our Natural hair is seen as unmanageable by us and others,  but caring for Natural Afro Curly hair is simple when you know how.

Whilst Afro Curly Hair has a mind of its own and does what it wants when it wants, sometimes a little training can ease the relationship you have with your hair. Instead of fighting with it, work with it and it will work with you.

This is why having a Haircare Regimen that is made with you and for you, is so important. That is where a hair consultation with Holpura’s Founder and natural haircare expert, Tash Gardner, comes in, because she has been where you are and wants to help you get the best out of your hair journey.



20 Minutes Natural Hair Consultation:

In this quick session, you get to ask one question about one area of haircare you’d like help with.  We can discuss any area of natural haircare, from cleansing through to styling.  This session could be your sounding board for all things natural hair or guidance for something you want to do with your natural hair but don’t know how. Book a quick chat now.

“I remember when I first went back to wearing my natural hair I took a product-first approach. I realised after many mistakes and ripped out hair that in order for me to get the best out of my hair, I had to have an intimate relationship with it. I’ve had many years of practice and would like to help you get better on your journey.” – Tash Gardner

60 Minutes Bespoke Natural Haircare Regimen Building Consultation:

If you’ve started your natural hair journey with no regimen, and have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars or pounds on haircare products with no significant change in the health of your hair, book a 1-hour session now.

Let’s create a haircare regimen that is tailor made to you and your lifestyle, whether you’re a confessed lazy natural or as dedicated as a church Minister, we can help make your natural hair journey easier. 


This Session Will:

  • Help you understand your hair beyond just a Type
  • Assist you in choosing the right type of products for your hair
  • Recommend processes for cleansing, moisturising and retaining moisture
  • Create a mindset shift that harness love, patience and appreciation for your natural hair 


This Session Is For:

  • Women and Men with natural Afro Curly hair who are actively taking responsibility for their hair but need help to get better results or tailor their Haircare Regimen
  • Men and Women with natural Afro Curly Hair who have very little knowledge of what to do, but want to take more responsibility for the health and care of their hair
  • Women with chemically treated hair who are transitioning to natural hair.
  • Parents of children with Mixed Texture and Natural Afro Curly Hair who want to understand how to take better care of their children’s hair

“Book a session with me and we can dive into how we can create a regimen based on your hair needs, your lifestyle and your hair goals. Together we’ll get your hair healthy and growing like a red rose in summer.” – Tash Gardner

Find more about Tash here.

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