How long do you think you’ll live? Barring an accidental death, if you were to live until a ripe age based on your lifestyle right now, how long do you think you’d live?

I know this may sound macabre, but only if you fear death. Death is an inevitable transition – well, as far as we know – from our body to another dimension. No one wants to die, I mean, it’s so final right? But how do you know it is? If it isn’t, how will you move on if you don’t die? Think of it in a similar way to your body transitioning from baby to adulthood then transitioning to an age where you revert to childlike needs. Don’t fear death, just change your perception of it.

I was doing some research on vitamins and came across a quiz in one of my favourite books, The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia. I loved this book from the very first day I saw it in a holistic shop and decided it needed a permanent place in my life. The owner of the shop ordered one especially for me as the one I saw was his copy. It was pricey, but worth every penny. I digress.

I came across this quiz in the book called ‘How long you will live’ and I knew I had to share. It’s fun, probably not wholly accurate but it could help you see areas where you could make some lifestyle changes.  I will share the quiz now.

How Long Will You Live Quiz 

There are some calculations, so you may need pen and paper or notes on your phone or laptop. 

  1. Start with the number 74
  2. If you are genetically male, subtract 2. If you are genetically female, add 4.
  3. If you live in the city/urban area with over 2 million people, subtract 2. If you live in a rural area with a population under 10,000, add 2.
  4. If any grandparent lived to 85, add 2. If all four grandparents lived to 80, add 6. (For younger people whose grandparents aren’t as old yet, think of your great grandparents).
  5. If either parent (grandparent) died of a stroke or heart attack before age 50, subtract 4. If any immediate relative (parent, brother, sister) under 50 has – or had – cancer or a heart condition or has had diabetes since childhood, subtract 3.
  6. If you earn over $50K a year, subtract 2
  7. If you finished college, add 1. If you have a graduate or professional degree, add 2.  (not sure what these last two are about, but ok..)
  8. If you live with a spouse or friend, add 5. If not, subtract 1 for every 10 years alone since age 25
  9. If you work behind a desk, subtract 3. If your work is physically demanding, add 3.
  10. If you exercise 3-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes, add 4. If you exercise twice a week, add 2.
  11. If you sleep more than 10 hours per night, subtract 4.
  12. If you are generally relaxed and easygoing, add 3
  13. If you are generally happy most of the time, add 1. If you are generally unhappy most of the time, subtract 2.
  14. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, subtract 7. If you smoke 2 packs or more a day, subtract 8. If you smoke half-a-pack a day, subtract 3
  15. If you drink more than 1.5Oz of alcohol a day, subtract 1
  16. If you are overweight by 10-30 pounds, subtract 2. If overweight by 30-50 pound, subtract 4. If overweight by 50 pounds or more, subtract 8.
  17. If you are between 30-40yrs, add 2. If you are between 40-50yrs, add 3. If you are between 50-70yrs, add 4. If you are over 70, add 5.

Your total score will be the estimated number of years you may live. 

How long will you live Holpura happy children long hair playing tug of war

There’s more, you are likely to live even longer if:

  •  your blood pressure is less than 130/75 and your cholesterol is less than 200. 
  • Your resting pulse rate is less than 60 beats per minute with no breathing problems eg. asthma, or history of chronic illness. 
  • You presently live with a pet and still work after age 62.
  • You eat light
  • You have social contacts besides your spouse. 

Your life is likely to be shorter if:

  • Your blood pressure is greater 140/90 
  • Your cholesterol is greater than 200
  • It takes you a long time to recover after exercise
  • You are anemic and suffer illnesses more than the average person your age. 
  • You get easily winded and have a resting heart rate of more than 80 beats per minute. 
  • You are a heavy eater 
  • Have no social contacts besides your spouse.

I did it and got 85 years, I’m happy with that. I would love to live to a strong, healthy 85.   It’s evident that stress, eating habits and the people you have around you can prolong or reduce your life. So be mindful of these aspects. It is also good to know your family health history so you can take appropriate action for your own health.  A holistic lifestyle can improve all areas of your life as it takes a balanced approach, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Whilst some of the questions are a bit iffy, others open your eyes to what can age you or cause premature death. If nothing else, this was fun to do, I surely took something out of it.  Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.

Let me know in the comments what age you got. Connect with me on Facebook or email me via the contact page. 

Until next time,

Be Great x


The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia; Ferrell, V.H; Cherne MD, H.M.

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