When you think of mind/body connection and integration, the first thing that comes to mind is yoga. Yoga may be practised in different ways around the world, however, its aim is to bring the mind and body into balance. Yoga is meditation for the body. 

I came across a video (below) from StyleCraze Yoga showing some Ashtanga yoga poses that could help reduce hair fall and increase hair growth. The practise includes poses where you are upside down, this motion increases blood flow to the head. Increased blood flow to the head means more blood flows to the hair follicles giving its growth a boost, this leaves you with longer and healthier hair. 

Disclaimer: Some of these poses are not easy and should only be done if you are healthy and know what you’re doing. The blood flow to the head can cause dizziness, if you do try them, go slowly and give your body time to readjust.

Yoga Poses for hair growth

The Poses in the video are:

  1. Downward Facing Dog 
  2. Standing Forward Bend 
  3. Camel Pose 
  4. Supported Shoulder Stand 
  5. Fish Pose
  6. Thunderbolt Pose 
  7. The last pose was sitting in Thunderbolt Pose whilst doing a breathing exercise 

Some more advanced yoga poses that aren’t in the video but are worhy of note because the head is in the inverted position are:

1. Ear to Knee Pose 

Best Yoga Poses for Hair Growth Holpura ear to knee yoga pose

2. Downward Facing Tree Pose/Handstand

Best Yoga Poses for Hair Growth Holpura handstand yoga pose father and daughter

3. Feathered Peacock Pose 

Best Yoga Poses for Hair Growth Holpura feathered peacock yoga pose

4. Supported Headstand

Best Yoga Poses for Hair Growth Holpura supported headstand yoga pose

5. Scorpion Pose

Best Yoga Poses for Hair Growth Holpura scorpion pose yoga pose

6. Wheel 

Best Yoga Poses for Hair Growth Holpura wheel yoga pose

I haven’t included the official yogic names of the poses, not out of disrespect, but in my research I noticed the names are sometimes different depending on the genre of yoga you’re doing so for ease of finding and identifying the asanas/poses I’ve used the simplified names attached to them.

As mentioned above, some of these poses are advanced so if you’re an advanced yogi already doing these, now you know the added benefit of of these poses. If you’re not an advanced yogi, the poses in the video are great for beginners to intermediate levels. 

Let me know in the comments what you think about these poses and if you’ve tried any. Connect with us on our Facebook page if you want to continue the conversation. 

Until next time,

Be Great x 

Source: Yoga Anatomy, Second Edition; Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Matthews

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