The weather you live in plays a significant role in the quality of your hair. As the climate shifts towards warmer weather, it’s time to switch up what you’ve been doing and create a new spring and summer curly hair care routine.

Here are some tips that promote healthy weather transitions, strong hair follicles, and a great hair day every day of the year.

It’s Time For a Fresh Trim to Promote Healthy New Growth

Queen, your hair has gone through some things over the last few months and like a good spring clean, your hair needs a trim. Hear me out. 

Winter is definitely a harsh season for our hair to go through. As we move out of the colder weather, we want to promote healthy hair by removing any damage that may have taken place from the dry air. 

While it may not always be our first choice when trying to retain length, springtime is a great time to consider getting a trim. Trimming your hair plays a huge role in cleaning up split ends and setting your hair up for a great warm season. 

Spring is a time of growth not just for trees and flowers, but for your hair too.  In this season you will experience more growth than at any other time of the year. 

It is good to trim your ends every few months, or at least twice a year. It will make a world of difference and the healthier parts of your hair will thank you. 

As you consider spring cleaning your home, also consider adding a Spring trim to your hair care routine. 

Use Water Based Products but Avoid Humectants

With heat and high humidity, the last thing you want is oil running down your neck. Whilst we still need our oils and butters to seal in the moisture, keep them at a minimum.

Your spring and summer curly hair care routine should consist of mainly water based products. Include these in your hair care bag, good quality lightweight leave in conditioners, hair teas and water based hair sprays. 

Humectants are great for our curly hair, but now is not the time for them, it’s time to phase them out. A humectant’s main job in hair care is to draw moisture from the air to lock into the hair strand. With there being so much humidity in the air during spring and summer, adding humectants will leave your hair extra frizzy and not in a cute way. Leave the humectants for winter. 

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Add Hair Gel and Mousse To Your Spring and Summer Curly Hair Care Routine

This additional humidity can cause your hair to be unusually frizzy and promote additional tangling, making it more difficult to manage. 

Gels and Mousses are great for combating frizz. They lock in the moisture and hold your curls in place for longer, whilst also discouraging them hugging each other, resulting in tangles, fairy knots and single strand knots. 

It is good practise to wash out the mousse or gel regularly, layering them can cause build up which goes on to dry the hair out. They are mainly water based so will wash out easily with hot water, even if you use a lot.

Wash More, But Choose Co-Washing and Conditioning Over Clarifying

It’s easy to assume that your hair won’t have issues with moisturisation with the extra humidity floating around in the air. This is far from the truth. 

During shifts in the weather, like seasonal changes and climate adjustments, our hair can go through some stress as it tries to adjust to its new environment. In the beginning, you will need to give it some extra care as you transition to your spring/summer hair care routine. 

As the weather changes fully into spring and onto summer, incorporate more washing into your hair care routine. During this time you’ll be sweating more, out in the world with environmental toxins more and also using gel and mousse more, so it only makes sense to wash more. 

One of the best ways to take care of your hair and balance hydration is to cleanse gently and condition thoroughly. 

Regularly co-washing and conditioning your hair can really change your hair care game. It boosts hydration and allows the healthy natural oils on your scalp ample time to disperse and protect the hair strands.

Clarifying products should be kept to a minimum during this time and used on a ‘needs only’ basis. Also, because you’ll be using mainly water based products during this season, you won’t need a deep cleanse, as hot water will wash away a significant amount of it and the co-wash will clean away the rest.

Check out this blog that goes into conditioning your hair. 

Avoid High Heat and Other Drying Techniques 

Avoiding high heat is a great principle to follow throughout the year, we all know curly hair does not do well with it. Still, when warmer climates hit, you especially want to be careful applying heat or other drying processes to your hair. 

As the sun is more prominent during spring and summer months, the sun’s UV rays are at an all time high and hitting the hair most aggressively. With the harsher UV rays and the humidity in the air messing with your hair texture, extra heat is sure to cause unintentional damage. 

Summer is the time for letting that Fro free, let it flow free. Wash and Go hairstyles, twist-outs, and even heatless curls are the go-to styles for Spring and Summer.  

These styles promote healthy hair while combating some of the negative impacts a warmer environment has on the hair.

Building a spring and summer curly hair care routine isn’t difficult, don’t overthink it. You have the tips above, use what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Remember our hair is unique to us and what works for others may need some tweaking in order to work for us; sometimes even with tweaking, it doesn’t work, so do what’s best for your hair.

Now it’s your turn, if you have any other tips you’d like to share to help your fellow curly haired sister queen, leave them in the comments. Share this post on your social media and tag us when you do.

Until next time, Be Great x

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