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When your scalp is taken care of, the hair that springs forth is soft and luscious because it had a great foundation.
Holpura’s Revive Scalp Oil is that foundation.


We believe in the power of premium natural products that are specially formulated to promote healthy hair growth and revitalised skin.


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Revive Scalp Oil



Absolutely zero animal testing.


Our products are filled with all natural and vegan goodness.


Eco Friendly

We care for the environment and our products & packaging reflect this.



Your hair and skin are your hallmarks, your trademarks. They tell a story that can lead to being shunned or being lauded over and adored.

What makes you confident in your skin? Doesn’t it feel good when you have Healthy Hair and Moisturised, Sunkissed skin? Doesn’t it?

We can help with that.

With premium ingredients handpicked for quality, purity and sustainability, our products will help you stand head and shoulders above whomever or whatever would rather you stay small.

Join us, haven’t you heard, we leave you confident in your hair and skin.

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Revive Scalp Oil is the ONLY oil you will ever need for your scalp. It is a powerhouse that is truly appreciated after use.

It is the result of a symbiotic relationship between 15 plant oils, handpicked and blended with a special touch, for premium quality and excellent results.

It provides softness and nourishment, stimulates healthy hair growth, balances the natural oils on the scalp and strengthens your precious hair strands. The gorgeous, refreshing aroma lifts your mood leaving you perked and ready for whatever the day has in store.

What Others Are Saying



‘Amazing product! I love it my hair looks and feels more full after years of suffering from thinning. My hair now has length, volume and strength.’ – Tracey Ann ‘Amazing product! I love it my hair looks and feels more full after years of suffering from thinning. My hair now has length, volume and strength.’ 

- Tracey Ann

‘I’ve used many different types of oils in my hair. However, this one is my favourite. It leaves my hair feeling soft and with a natural shine, plus it has a nice aroma. I recommend anyone looking for a natural hair oil to try this product. It’s great.’ 

- Anjelica

More Testimonials

‘I’ve used Holpura Revive Scalp Oil on mine and my daughters hair! Really nice smell, easy to use and hair feeling much softer!’ 

– Chantelle

‘The essential oils worked a treat. I have seen a marked improvement of my hairline and in particular the front bit. I used it every morning and I really love the smell. Thanks for such a wonderful natural solution to strengthen processed thinning hair.’

– Bisi

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