Avocado oil is a rich, nourishing oil pressed from the flesh of the avocado fruit. It is a popular oil and for good reason, as it is full of vitamins, proteins, amino acids and phospholipids, just what your skin and hair needs. 

Avocado Oil has a deep green colour and a lush cushiony skin feel in its unrefined state. The refined version has a lighter green colour and will retain some of its vitamins and nutrient content, however it may not be as rich as the unrefined versions. 

The oil is also high in carotenoids that provide natural ultraviolet protection. It is protecting, regenerating and easily absorbed, well tolerated by even sensitive skin. 

Why is Avocado Oil Good for Skin 

Avocado Oil is great for skin, it helps repair and soften skin tissues, healing scaly skin and scalp. It helps prevent age spots, cell wall weakening and protects the barrier function of the skin with its phytosterol content that boosts collagen in the skin. 

It contains antioxidants that neutralises skin free radicals and soothes skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

Why is Avocado Oil Good for Hair 

It is nourishing and moisturising for the hair and soothing to the scalp. It contains Vitamins B, E, proteins, amino acids and phospholipids that are all necessary components for healthy hair. 

It helps protect the hair from damage by leaving a light film on the hair strands which also provides a healthy shine. 

Avocado oil is the top ingredient in our Revive Scalp Oil.

How Best to Use It

Avocado oil is great when used on its own but can be a little too oily for some people. Mixing it with other oils such as peach kernel for the skin or hemp oil for the hair, will create a balanced  synergy that will both absorb and seal, giving you supple skin and strong bouncy hair. 

Do you like Avocado Oil? Have you used it and how has it helped you? Talk to us in the comments or come join us on our Facebook page.

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