Essential oils are volatile oils that are distilled from plant materials. They share with us the odour of the plant – some breathtaking, others not so much. However, each oil has a tale to tell, a tale of a journey from seedling wading through the rich nourishing soil before popping out into a world unknown, coexisting with like plants until finally it becomes mature and ready to serve a different purpose. 

Essential oils not only offer us a variety of scents, which have the potential to change a person’s mood or feelings, they also provide physiological changes in the body. Their therapeutic qualities for the skin include antiseptic, fungicidal, stimulating and anti-inflammatory.

I dabbled in fragrance blending because I knew I wanted the products I create for you to smell amazing. The fragrance industry has my respect because it takes a lot of trial and error and most of all patience, to create a fragrance and keep that scent lasting for years.

I chose to use essential oils instead of fragrance oils because whilst fragrance oils have some gorgeous aromas, the world of fragrance is shrouded in secrecy. I like to know what I’m using and regulations in the fragrance industry allow fragrances to be on the market without us knowing what’s included in it, so I made a conscious decision not to use anything in our products that I’m not totally sure about. 

Why we use essential oils

The second reason I chose essential oils was because of the effect they have on the olfactory senses. Some essential oils uplift, soothe and relax, whilst others, when blended, offer up a whole new experience. I love blending these oils and creating something new for you to try, something different for your senses to experience.

Who knows, I may even come out with a line of Natural perfumes one day!

The fragrances you encounter in your products are our own proprietary blends of essential oils and nothing more. 

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