We tend to think of self care as having a long bath or sipping wine in the garden whilst a gentle breeze wisps by, but self care is so much more than that.

Being locked down for over a year was hard, it took us away from friends, family, our work and other activities. It moved us out of our comfort zones, and showed us that there is something different, everything we thought was set in stone, simply isn’t. 

I think one of the advantages of the lock down is that it made us stop and re-evaluate a lot of what we do on a daily basis. I know for me I felt like I was existing and not living, a lot of the things I thought I needed, I realised I didn’t. That was a strange thing to get past.  

What definitely showed up was that I needed to take better care of my mental and physical health. Self care was a hot topic a few months ago and I thought ‘great!’However, I haven’t seen much talk about it recently, so I wanted to remind you that self care is not a trend. 

Self care is a lifestyle, a decision you make with yourself to put you first, even for one hour a day or one day a week. Remember, you can’t help anyone if you’re sick or dead, so take some time for yourself. 

Here are three selfcare tips that you can easily incorporate into your life. You can do all three or just one, it’s up to you. 

1. Commit To Physical Self-care

You have one body and you need it to be healthy to function in this dimension. Physical self care doesn’t mean lifting 200lb weights or running 50 miles (unless that’s your thing). 

What I am suggesting here is doing something that is physical but also mentally soothing, such as taking up a simple yoga practise such as Iyengar or Hatha, or going for a daily walk around your neighbourhood or the nearby woods. 

This time is for you, and helps you connect, mind and body.

2. Volunteer At A Charity

You may think, how is this self care? But giving of yourself to others in need is one thing I personally feel the most satisfaction from. 

Volunteering at a charity is simply you helping in a capacity that doesn’t take over your time from other aspects of your life. It could be helping out at a food bank once per month or collecting donations from your friends to give once every three months. It could be helping to feed the homeless one evening per week. 

Do this as little or as much as you can. What this does is reset your mind in a way that it changes your perspective on life. The satisfaction you get from helping others gives an immense hit of dopamine that certainly qualifies as self care. 

3. Join A Group Or Club 

Is there something you like to do or would like to learn to do? Joining a club is a great way to be around like minded people and for expanding your network which boosts confidence and mental wellbeing. 

Just being around like minded people is sort of validation that you’re not alone, there are people just like you – this is why Facebook groups are so popular. I however prefer face to face groups, as you get to make meaningful contacts and learn by seeing or having someone show you how to get past something you may find challenging.  

I took up sewing just before the lockdown.  Going to the classes where others were creating just like me was such a buzz. For the first time in a long time I felt like my own person again. Being in that space, I could admire the work and work ethic of others who were more advanced, learning from them as they worked, or they’d share their tips to make my work neater or less challenging. It was an amazing experience and time well spent that was just for me. 

Now that we’re moving out of lockdown, I urge you to take up a class, learn a new skill or join a club such as chess, squash, book club, etc. The time spent for yourself with like minded people who remind you that you are a person, not just mom or dad is invaluable. Remember that you were a person before those titles and responsibilities, and that person needs a little time for themselves too. 

I hope this helped, let me know in the comments what you are doing to look after yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. How are you living as opposed to existing? 

You can connect with me via our contact page or over on our Facebook page. 

Until next time,

Be Great x  

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